Collaboration Process

Writing is a craft. It requires dedication and a true desire to share ideas and tell a story.

Every piece of writing, and every writing experience, is inherently unique.

My subject’s communication style—your style—and our editor’s guidance drive our schedule and the collaboration process.

How and when we work together depends in large part on where you work best and are most comfortable expressing your thoughts. On the phone or in person. Via email, journaling or live interviews. We do not have to live in the same city, although there will be times when I will come to you.

As necessary, I supplement our conversations with additional research and interviews with others so we can present a thorough, accurate picture of history and further flesh out ideas.

I make the creative process as predictable and enjoyable as possible, and while there are many unknowns, there are areas where I never compromise; things that my co-writers, editors and publishers can come to expect from me every step of the way:

  • I am professional, trustworthy and respectful of everyone’s time.
  • I am committed to accuracy in reporting and storytelling.
  • I believe that we all want to be inspired. Today’s readers are also time-crunched, and want to acquire concrete ideas that can improve their work, enhance their lives and, quite often, change the world. I try to subtly weave in, or bluntly call out, practical advice and actionable information that corresponds to the book’s themes.
  • Readers also need to stay engaged. So I bring data, research and business philosophies to life with real-world anecdotes, always considering how to keep readers’ attention and deliver a return on their investment: their time and money.
  • Throughout the process I strive for accuracy while honoring individuals’ truths. And I fact check what we put out into the world so there are no unexpected surprises or predictable errors.
  • Ultimately, I am committed to our mutual definition of success—be it a best seller, a tool to help grow your business, a means to connect with employees or a body of work that we will each be proud to share. Or, all of the above.