I am Joanne Gordon, an author and business-writing collaborator who works with leaders and creative thinkers to capture their voice and share their experiences and insights with the world.

This is my profession, yes, but it’s also my passion.

For almost three decades—as a reporter for Forbes magazine, a columnist, nine-time author/ghostwriter and corporate communications professional—I’ve shaped people’s stories and given their voices authentic, powerful life on the page.

The individuals I write with aspire to change the world—or at least their corner of it—and leave a legacy worthy of their life’s work. My role is to clarify and amplify their voices, presenting their philosophies and experiences in meaningful ways that engage, inform and inspire a niche or global audience.

Beyond books, I have helped leaders craft speeches, OpEds, essays, internal communications, book forewords, website copy, social media posts, as well as personal and professional correspondence. 

The authors, editors, publishers and companies I work with are much more than clients. Together we forge trusting relationships that last well beyond the high quality work we produce together.

One way to explain what I do:

I help leaders express their voice on the page.

A better way to define what I do:

I write to inspire and inform
by capturing leaders’ voices and
helping them share creative ideas;
tell stories that reveal their life lessons and personal truths; and
tap the humanity and emotion inherent in business and work,
all through a collaborative writing process
that is enlightening, professional and fun.